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ick. [05 Jul 2005|02:12am]

If you guys have happened to noticed a strange/rancid/gross smell coming from my room, it's because the kitten has shat on my bed 3 times (i took the comforter and am having it cleaned) and has diarhrrea and parasites and needs to be taken to the vet.. (the other two from the litter had parasites and coccidia, which has cost patrick close to $400 to resolve) ..as well as Yoshi b/c these things are contagious and he has had long term exposure to a non-checked kitten.

Please keep the door to my room closed as i have left it. I don't wish to return to any more disgusting situations in my room, where i sleep, after dealing with a couple months of fleas in my bed for nearly 2 months after i first moved in. Please get the pets the medical attention they deserve, Yoshi could probably also benefit from having the hole he chewed in his leg checked up on as well as ensuring he doesn't have any other problems contracted recently.

I'm not trying to be a jerk, but i care about the kitten and Yoshi and am worried, as well as the obvious worry of having my bed covered in diahrrea again. That's incredidbly gross and there is the possibility of it happening to any of the rest of you. The kitten pee'd outside of the litter box when we had it at Patrick's with her sister and brother but i attributed it to the fact that the door to the bathroom with the litter box was accidentally closed for a night.. Kittens should be taken in for a wellness check within 6 weeks of being born, and for inital vaccinations and Feline leukemia/HIV tests within 10 weeks. There are obviously problems involved here, as cats dont naturally soil their living space. Please have the kitten and Yoshi checked before she/he or i (or any of you) have to suffer any more.
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[27 Jun 2005|02:35am]

[ mood | tired ]

electric = 126.79
cable = 59.28
gas = 19.14
w/d = 29.17
water = 32.68

total = 267.06

everyone's share = 66.76


[06 Jun 2005|04:42pm]

update: so today i washed the dishes, clipped yoshi's nails (because he mauled me), cleaned out the litterbox, and emptied out all the rotting stuff from the fridge and took it to the dumpster. then alex wiped out the entire fridge, removed all the shelves and cleaned those too. she was also the one that cleaned/vacuumed the living room and took out all the trash the last time. just so everyone knows who to thank.

ok, hopefully the bug problem will be getting better and better from here on out until the end aug.:)

[01 Jun 2005|01:53am]

renee, do you not understand WE HAVE A BUG PROBLEM in the kitchen? we have excessive fruit flies and roaches at this point. leaving the apartment with half rotten limes and cilantro out on the counter to sit out over night is the worst idea possible. as is leaving out the cake (i think itd be best in the fridge), and your packaging on the counters after every meal you eat. ive been cleaning up your frozen food packages, your straws, and randoms glasses left on the counter after every time you leave the house. please make sure you clean these things up before you leave the house. we are trying to cut back on the bug problem and i dont appreciate this stuff being left here while youre gone for days. renee, i love you to death, which is mostly why ive been cleaning this stuff up without saying anything to you, and so that kat didnt flip out any more than was necessary, but i dont think youre getting the very valid point here. its important, please pay attention honey.
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[02 May 2005|04:24pm]

[ mood | worried ]

so yoshi has chewed through his skin on one of his back legs. i believe it is due to the fleas. hes hobbling around on 3 legs. erin & i put bactine on his sore and went and got flea medicines and a tape worm pill from the vet. the total cost was $58. id appreciate it if you guys would chip in a bit towards the cost, please.

also, i know erin is leaving for good saturday morning, but i do believe that don (asian guy and friend of renee and i) would like to know if he can spend sat night here. ill tell him that we plan on flea bombing the living room by then if its ok.

thats all for now. hopefully yosh will be better soon, but i dont really want him going outside right now.

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[17 Apr 2005|12:18pm]

we need to all take out some trash today.

yay trash!

[14 Apr 2005|01:13am]

they changed the gate code again. no one could get in today, everyone was driving in the exits. we need to bribe someone for the new code. i hate this shit.

[29 Mar 2005|12:30am]


electric 85.50
water 31.81
washer/dryer 29.17
cable 59.28
gas 36.90

Total = 242.66
Amount Due= 80.88
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[28 Mar 2005|10:24am]

since one of the kittens mysteriously died, i think it would be best if we took yoshi somewhere and got him de-fleaed, wormed, and maybe get a booster shot so as to help prevent leukemia (which i think cats are supposed to get every 1-2 yrs anyway). i dont want him dying too.:(
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[22 Mar 2005|09:29am]

I'm calling dibs on the washer/dryer when i get home - it should be like 6ish.

[02 Mar 2005|10:03pm]

Okay - i found the water bill.
A third of that is 9.73.

So uhm - you can either write me another check for that... or get your other check back and tear it up and write a new one for 86.32
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[01 Mar 2005|01:55pm]

Cable - $59.28
Elec    - $73.12
Gas    - $68.19
W/D  - $29.17

76.59 each for now. (I don't think the water bill has come yet)

[07 Feb 2005|12:54am]

Can one of you clean up the cupcake mess please?
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[30 Jan 2005|03:18pm]

Gas bill - 55.69
Elec - 81.93
Water - 28.87
W/D - 29.17
Cable - 59.26

Total Due - $84.97

Oh and rent's due like, tomorrow. :(
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[01 Jan 2005|04:31am]

Okay with the addition of the electricity bill, grand total owed to me is:
Sooner this could be paid the better.

[27 Dec 2004|02:36am]

I just paid bills today.
So far, until I get the electricity bill, it's 65.22. I assume the electricity bill will be around 120. so bills will be around 105.22. I'll let you guys know when I get the electric bill though.
Just a heads up.

[02 Dec 2004|12:22pm]

Bills are 85.84 each.
rent is due tomorrow. so get your checks ready.
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[23 Nov 2004|02:41pm]

[ mood | content ]

so i came home, and the sun was FINALLY shining. it made me want to go to the park. as i walked up to the apt, a SLEW of cats followed me who were happy to be out of the rain and out in the open. im not kidding. first crazy cat, then the black kitten (tufts), then little head, then tongue kitten, then fatty (bagera), and THEN I let out yoshi. i fed them all like a good foster mother, yoshi picked his favorite, and now tufts and yoshi are tearin' it up and having a ball in the living room. ahhhh, i love non-rainy days and kittens! *sigh*

EDIT: so yeah, the apt next door is totally flooded. all five rooms. thats the reason my bathroom reflooded today, and now my closet as well. someones supposed to be coming soon with a wet vacc to suck out all the water. *crosses fingers*

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[22 Nov 2004|10:29am]

so my bathroom is completely flooded this morning. im assuming its b/c the apt next door floods and then it came through the wall/under the bathtub from that apt. if my bathmat wasnt so SUPER absorbant, it would be far worse than it is. already tho the bathmat is soaked through....along with the jeans i had hanging over the side.....and now the water is spreading. makes me sort of wonder about the wall that my bathroom shares with my closet.......
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[22 Nov 2004|10:15am]

erin, if youre going to play loud music in the mornings, PLEASE at least keep your door shut. i dont have class until noon now.
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